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Time doesn’t stand still, especially not within the dynamic environment of energy storage projects. Owners and investors of renewable energy projects are facing the end of feed-in tariffs for their first projects with substantially lower revenues to come if no actions are taken.

Apart from PPAs, power-to-gas technologies like the production of green hydrogen enable entirely new business opportunities in sustainable transport and industry.

K&S offers energy storage due diligence, energy storage case studies, energy storage simulations and energy storage technical consulting in all aspects of the combination of electrical energy storage and wind energy as well as electrical energy storage and photovoltaic power plants.

Also in energy storage and sector integration, the K&S experts offer consulting independent from manufacturers and operators. We are supporting investors, EPC’s and operators with the upcoming challenges of demand controlled renewable power plants.

Energy storage in combination with PV power plant or wind turbines is a subject to K&S since years and we offer due diligence services, case studies, case simulations and technical advisory at all technical levels.




  • Due Diligence and technical consultation

    • project evaluation
    • risk analysis
    • profit expertises
    • profit optimization

  • Supplier audits and evaluation

    • including reviewing conditions from contracts, if necessary

  • Qualified technical inspection

    • including reviewing conditions from construction approval, if necessary

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