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Can a PV system be switched off?

The generator can not be switched off. The respective voltage level is not against earth (neither negative nor positive pole are typically earthed).

Where does the electrical operating room end in a wind turbine?

The entire system area is an electrical operating room with AuS potential in a confined space, even in up to 150m height.

Is there a risk of a battery that is not in operation?

A battery remains charged even when it is turned off. Always wear rubber gloves and goggles.

Why are some wind turbines standing while others are still turning?
This condition can have several reasons. The most obvious would be a technical problem with the wind turbines. But usually there are other reasons such as restrictions resulting from the permits. Here are the shutdowns due to ice impact danger in winter. At sunrise and sunset on clear days, some systems also need to be turned off to minimize shadows on some buildings. Then there are the shutdowns for protection against bats, crane flight or crops.

It should also be noted that some wind turbines are already spinning in low wind conditions, but they are still not producing any energy, others are only starting to spin if they can produce energy. As you can see, there are a lot of explanations why plants stand, without any technical problems.

Is there any reliable method and wind turbines to detect ice? I drive every day past a plant that is close to the road and ask myself in the winter again and again.

For wind turbines there are several possibilities for ice detection. First and foremost here is the monitoring of the operating parameters. Here it is recognized that in a certain wind, the system produces less than expected, or it comes to vibrations due to imbalance. Or the wind sensors are frozen. Another option is to install an ice sensor. The most reliable method in our opinion, however, is the frequency monitoring of the rotor blades. Ice accumulation shifts the frequencies of the leaves and is thus a clear indication of ice formation. This method works even if the plant does not produce. We assume that when you approve the system you drive past, that the appropriate measures have been requested and implemented by the building authorities.

Do the wind turbines stay if they are too old and can eventually fall over?

No, wind turbines will only be approved with a decommissioning obligation and a corresponding guarantee.

I heard that solar systems should not work properly at high temperatures, is that true?

PV modules for the direct generation of electricity from solar energy are actually temperature-sensitive. But that does not mean that they do not work properly, just that their production behavior changes. At low temperatures it gets better, at high worse. In the planning of plants is therefore very carefully looked at what temperatures prevail in order to control the expectations more accurately. However, high temperatures usually occur together with high levels of radiation, which compensates for the effect. In systems in cold regions, therefore, the temperature loss is also low to even negative, that is a gain.



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