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NEW Energy 4.0 Value add service offered by K&S

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K&S offers value added services for Energy 4.0 Plant functional, acceptance and performance tests. Those tests are required in various stages for complex distributed PV-energy-storage-systems. With a realtime in-house simulation software the important yield forecasts for the investors can be created in detail and in in advance. Additionally it is also possible for the application run parallel in real time.  Allowing to monitor the plant condition in every stage and environmental condition. As a consulting service, K&S offers the proof of optimal design of the combined photovoltaic and energy storage system as well as optimal tuning the control algorithms in use. As a supplementary service for investors and banks, K&S offers a technology and supplier assessment with accompanying technical risk assessment. K&S is ready for Energy 4.0 value add services.

The K&S Ingenieurpartnerschaft Krug & Schram is involved in renewable energy projects in multi megawatt scale in countries like Germany, Denmark, Japan, France, UK, Italia, Jordan, Portugal, Uruguay, Spain, Netherlands and Poland.

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