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Novel Sensitivity Yield Simulation approach for Multi-Megawatt Solarparks

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Yield Sensitivity Simulation

New this year, K&S offers a novel sensitivity yield simulation approach for Multi-Megawatt solar parks. This means that the  yield can be analyzed in which dependencies like possibly shading, soiling (sand soiling), fluctuations in temperature and tilt-angle or inverter limitation due to ambient temperature variation.

If necessary, K&S will these simulations with minute values ​​and simulate the essential loss factors in detail. By the possibility to simulate every loss factor and the PR value at any time step, K&S also is able to simulate the system with real-time values ​​in any resolution with the same model.

Especially for performance guarantee, this time step approach has the advantage that K&S can work out both, the underperformance of the park to the expectations in detail, as well as a possible underperformance due to actual weather conditions.

In addition, such a model approach has the advantage that K&S can make an as-build simulation further down the project road when acting as an independent technical advisor.

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