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Independent and reliable assessment of longterm PV energy production

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Yield StudyThe longterm energy production of a rooftop PV- system or free field PV-systems can be simulated using several PV standard modeling software packages like PVSYST, PV*SOL etc.

This kind of calculation is routinely performed by the design engineers of the Engineering-Procurement-Construction (EPC) companies all over the world.For the financial risk assessment investors and financing institutes require a professional assessment and reporting of uncertainties related to the energy estimation.

K&S provide an extension of the standard tools with a in-inhouse proprietary simulation suite (time step variable, time step resolved loss calculations, time step view, real production data verification) to model, simulate and allow detailed step-by-step result views. With the time step view, experts are able to see detailed plant behaviors at every condition simulated. The real production data verification allows to monitor the plant behavior during production in comparison of the yield calculation model (see chart of a 20 MWp Solarpark). On a 20 MWp free field PV installation, a quarterly match of 99,7% where achieved at 100% availability. This simulation suite is based on long-term industry experience on a global basis and collaboration with research institutes.

Based on the unique K&S capabilities and experience, investors and financing institutes rely on the independent energy yield assessment and related uncertainties for the business case modeling.

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